Culturethèque is a digital library service offered by the Institut Francais. It allows the Alliance Francaise members to read eBooks, comic books, children’s picture books and magazines; consult French language learning materials; listen to concerts and interviews and watch cartoons for free through one online portal at www.culturetheque. com. While the majority of content is streaming, some digital items (eBooks and eAudiobooks) can also be borrowed as downloadable files and are loaned for 30 days.

It offers 24/7 access from your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone, and with materials for kids and adults alike !

1. To get started

a/ Become an Alliance Francaise de Baltimore member.

b/ Go to and create your account. Then choose Alliance Francaise de Baltimore as your local chapter.

c/ You have a free trial for a few days. In the meantime, forward us the message that you signed up and selected the AFB chapter. When we get this message, we will validate your registration for one year.

d/ Go to and log in to your account each time you want to have access to the resources.

2. Borrowing books of literature (section “Read”)

Borrowing literature requires a few more steps:

a/ Go to section “Read”. Then follow the instructions:

b/ Each time you want to borrow a book of literature, identify yourself with your ID and password

c/ Search for the book you want to read using the site’s search engine or type the book’s title or the author’s name. If some resources (including books) match your search, a list will show up. Click the title you are interested in.

d/ At this stage, it is necessary to inform which ebook reader app is yours. To do so, click the icon representing a silhouette on the upper right-hand corner of the page, and select “Digital Loans” (see picture on the side)

e/ Next, click “digital loans”.

e/ Now, you have to select your “Reading preferences” and check whether the ebook reader you are using is listed. If your application is not listed, please select the information “My application is not in the list”.

f/ Finally, inform “your secret question” and “answer”, and hit “save my preferences” (see picture below).

3. Adobe Digital Editions

If you need a e-book reading application, we recommend “Adobe Digital Editions” that you can get for free on the internet. It has to be downloaded first to be able to read the digital book.

a/ At the bottom of the page with the brief description of the book you want to borrow, there will be the mention “To obtain the document” and “Borrow” / “download”. Hit “download”. This action will send an .acsm file to the download folder of your computer.

b/ Open your Adobe Digital Editions library and click “Add items to Library”. Go through the download folder of your computer making sure that the Adobe Content Server Message on the right of “File name” is selected.

c/ Click the .acsm file. It will be added to your library. Start reading!

Enjoy French Language Literature!

Bonne lecture!