bretagngeSunday, November 6 : Cultural lecture in French “De long en large en Bretagne” by Frances Alderson.

During this lecture we will visit the extensive coast of Brittany (making a detour to two islands in the process) as well as the interior of this beautiful and interesting region. During the course of our exploration we will discover the history of a former duchy which was only absorbed into France in 1532, and we will experience its rich panoply of architecture, sculpture, stained glass, and frescoes. The lecture will include a discussion of certain Breton writers as well as painters, including Paul Gauguin, who were inspired not only by the beautiful landscape but also by the soul of this people.

Nous allons visiter les côtes et l’intérieur de cette belle région riche en histoire. Nous nous intéresserons notamment à un ancien duché rattaché à la France en 1532, à travers son architecture, ses sculptures, vitraux, et fresques. Certains écrivains bretons ainsi que quelques artistes peintres, dont Paul Gauguin, inspirés par les beaux paysages mais aussi par l’âme de ce peuple, seront également évoqués.
@ Notre-Dame of Maryland University, Meletia Hall, 2:30pm.

cinema copieFriday November 18 : “Nous trois ou rien” (The Three of Us or Nothing) (2015), comedy/drama, trailer (unlike the trailer, the film is with English subtitles).
From a small village in southern Iran to the high-rise projects on Paris’ outskirts, Kheiron tells us about the extraordinary story of his parents Hibat and Fereshteh, eternal optomists, in a comedy that is like a universal tale. It evokes family love, generosity, and above all, the ideal of living in harmony together. French Cinema Sign-up.
@ Notre-Dame of Maryland University, free for members; $3 for guests.


Saturday  November 19 : Parlez-vous français ?
Do you miss speaking French with your fellow francophones?  Whether you want to just be able to use your French with other French speakers, socialize with fellow francophones or improve and practice your speaking – Join us for our free French Conversation Club in a cafe or library.